jueves, 22 de febrero de 2018

Challenge: your friend

This challenge is really interesting. You are going to create an AVATAR using Voki app.

1. First , watch the tutorial video to understand how to use Voki.
2. Second, Go to Voki register yourself.
3. Third, create an avatar that represents some friend or member of your family. Customize it: hair, skin color, eyes color...
4. Then, include a background.
5. Write a short text about this person. You can include personal information, physical description, routines.... ( he/she is ... He /she has got, He / she can....., He/she gets up at...)
6. When you finish, save and share your avatar.

7. Send the link to the teacher by mail. Copy the link and paste in the  email body.

Perspective and art

Let´s watch this video to learn how to draw a landscape using perspective.


Creativity and occupations

Students draw what it is said in the task and talk about why they take this decision about the worker: Is it a man or a woman? Why?

Using this activity, we can see if our students have some preconceptions about genre and proffessions.

martes, 20 de febrero de 2018

Speaking class

Children ask questions to their mates and write down their answers. Then they have to draw their mates´hands and write sentences about these answers.


Reading QR codes

Can you find important information behind these QR codes? During the history, we can find lots of influential women but most of the time we don´t know them. Discover very interesting information about these women.


Playing to learn

Students practice present simple using boardgames. 

domingo, 18 de febrero de 2018

Grammar time

Let´s watch this video about present simple (5th level)

Let´s watch this video and learn about past simple. (6th level)

Let´s practice!

viernes, 16 de febrero de 2018

Challenge: writing a email

This is a simple challenge, but you have to pay attention to your writing. What do you have to do? Writing an e-mail to your English teacher.
Let´s read the instructions:

1. Go to your mail and complete your teacher´s mail address  and the subject
2. Then, write a text following the next directions:
  • Say hello
  • Introduce yourself: name, class, age, family...
  • Write about your school.
  • write about your city.
  • write about your daily routines (use in the morning, in the afeternoon, in the evening, at night)
  • write about your likes and dislikes.
  • Ask three questions to the teacher.
  • Say goodbye.

Art and craft: Valentine´s arrows

Students create Valentine´s arrows using pencils, foam, scissors, glue... They write love messages and give the present to the people they love.

miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2018

Love display at school

Our students write love messages using Typorama app and show them in a wonderful display at school hall.  Little students create beautiful hearts using different colours and help us to decorate school.

lunes, 12 de febrero de 2018

Love songs

Songs and music is a perfect tool for students to learn English. We can use them in class in many ways. Today, we are going to use some famous songs to celebrate Valentine´s day.

Activities about love

We can use lots of different activities to work the feeling of love. Here we are some examples of activities we do in class.

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